Saturday, March 20, 2010

Comments4Teachers Weeks 1-3

I visited for my comments for teachers project! They have not posted a new blog in the past 2 weeks, but it is a very interesting source of information.

Week 1:
Amen! I know so many students that pass curriculum based English courses with flying colors, but when they leave the classroom their true knowledge appears. Students need to learn language the correct way and they do that through communication and great teaching, not just through a curriculum. I found this post very interesting.
I'm Amber Fleming from the University of South Alabama's EDM 310 class (Link to class blog. I will be reviewing this post and following this blog for the next few weeks. At the end of my 3 week following, I will be posting my review on my blog! Please visit my blog at and if you find anything interesting leave me a comment! I'd love advice and opinions!

Week 2:
Wow. Since I'm from the U.S., I wouldn't have even thought of speaking English as being a true English course. When I think of English, I think reading, writing, and grammar lessons. I think this is an amazing idea. Making the German students use their English skills in a normal situation must really drill the words into their heads. I'm sure it makes phrases make more sense as well.
If I ever teach in a different country, I will definitely have my students practice their English skills at a place like this. I don't really have any other ideas on spreading the English language, but if I do think of some, I will include them in my blog post in the next few weeks. Be sure to visit! :)

Week 3:
I honestly do not know where I stand in the reform opinion. It is very true that teachers are ill-equipped to fight in the war for what they want. I think it is because each teacher probably wants something completely different! I want my classroom to learn a lot of life lessons as well as educational lessons and I want them to be able to put those things to use in hands on situations. Whatever would make that happen is what I would like in an educational reform.
I have enjoyed reading your blog for these past three weeks and will continue to visit! I thank you for your knowledge and opinions and I hope you come visit my blog to read my opinions. Have a wonderful week.

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