Saturday, April 17, 2010

April 18th Assignment

Our assignment this week is to think of something from EDM 310 that we worked on and write thoughts and feelings about it. My favorite thing that I've done in this class has been commenting children from around the world on their blogs. I just think that it is awesome to have an influence on a child just by writing a short comment on every one of their blogs. Now I know we cannot get to every child's blog, but I think each child should have one person say something special about the work they have done on their blog. Not only does it encourage the child to blog more often, but it also encourages the child to work harder and learn more. I know when I get comments on my blog I feel encouraged and it makes me want to write more often. I even get excited when I see I have a new post on facebook as odd as that may seem. I know children feel the same way and they must get excited when they see a new post on their wall.

I think that when I leave this class, my main goal is going to be keeping up with other class blogs. I want a class blog for my classroom and I would love to have college students comment on the posts each week. How encouraging! I have created a Wordle describing my feelings towards children's blogs and I would love to know your feelings.

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