Sunday, April 4, 2010

Comments4Teachers Weeks 10 and 12 (there was no week 11)

I visited the blog It's Elementary, My Dear Readers the past few weeks. It is written by Dan Carver and I really enjoyed his thoughts! He had not updated his blog in a few weeks, but he talks about things that are actually happening in education primarily in Iowa. Here are my comments and links to the blogs. I highly recommend reading them.

Week 10
As a college student studying to be a teacher, it scares me to think that I will be evaluated by a test that my students will take. I want to be a good teacher and know that my students have mastered the information I teach in the class, but sometimes tests are overwhelming and students can't make perfect scores on every test. I think it is unfair to evaluate teacher by test scores. Some students are not good test takers, especially if they have not had a review on all of the aspects included on the test. Teachers need a fair evaluation.
Thank you for your views and opinions on this blog! I will be following the blog for the next few weeks for my EDM 310 class at the University of South Alabama. I would love if you would visit my blog.

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Amber Fleming

Week 12
People in the government really do need to be more informed about the ways of education if they are going to make good decisions about the schools. They should ask people on the front lines what is going on and what would help them in the classroom before making major decisions instead of making decisions only to make themselves look good. I enjoy your blogs and I thank you for your thoughts.
I'm putting my comments on my class blog for EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama and I would love for you to visit my blog.
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Amber Fleming

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  1. Satandardized testing, teacher evaluations, putting the teachers in the decision making areas, are all well and good if they are funded. It is easy to be a teacher in a class with adequate resources and small amounts of children in the classrooms. Unfortunately, old people and wealthy people vote and they do now want to spend money on education because they do not think it benefits them. There children go to good schools or they are too old to have any; many elderly people think that we should simply make the most of what we have and knuckle down as it was more than they had. Yet they didn't have integrated schools, transportation costs, technology costs, special education, fair distribution, and many never became educated.

    Alabama has the lowest real estate taxes in the country, how can we have a decent budget that meets our needs? Rate me as a problem...give me merit based problem...don't hold back the children give them whatever you can to make them all they can be.