Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Second PLN Report

Earlier during the semester I wrote about my PLN. My main use of my PLN is Twitter. I do not update my tweets often, but I do get on Twitter and read what other teachers have to say. I have had conversations on Direct Messages with other teachers from around the world which is very neat! I've enjoyed reading Mr. Needleman's tweets because he puts up a lot of great cartoons and articles. I have many websites that I consider a part of my PLN. I really enjoy using Education World and PE Central because they have been so useful to me during classes. I have a few teachers through the Semmes area that I would consider a part of my PLN. Mrs. Stephanie Estes created 4 Semmes Kids and I have been observing her for the past year. We e-chat often and I enjoy her ideas and the information she has given me. I will continue to grow my PLN over the next few years and maybe by the time I'm a teacher, I will be a part of someone else's PLN.

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