Thursday, April 8, 2010

How I Use Skype

I've been using Skype for quite a long time, but I think it is the best video chatting program on the internet. Having my father overseas for a year was tough and Skype made it so much easier. All holidays were spent with the computer hooked up to Skype and we were able to feel closer because of the program. I have used it this semester to get in contact with family and friends that I do not get to see or talk to regularly. My cousins live in Tennessee and we talk weekly through Skype. I was also able to skype some of my friends from class for help with assignments! I liked the fact that my teachers were available to chat with as well. I was able to talk to different people and be in a class when I was sick in bed. It wasn't pretty, but it happened. I enjoy Skype very much and would tell anyone to use this program since it is so easy to learn.

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