Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Survey Results

I sent out a survey last month about the use of technology in the classroom. Only 2 out of 63 people said that they do not think that technology should be used in the classroom. Most people are very interested in using technology in their classrooms. There were many different forms of technology that people said that they would use although some said they would only use a Smart Board. There were mixed feelings about children using blogs in the classroom. Most people said that children should use blogs, some of those said there should be limited access to the blog, and only 2 people said that children should not use blogs. A lot of people want to use the Smart Boards in the classroom. One third of the class feels ready to use a Smart Board, a large majority wants to use the Smart Board although they still have to figure it out, and the remaining people do not like Smart Boards. Most people have not decided if they would use podcasts for their classroom. The other part of the class is split in half between knowing they want to podcast in their classroom and knowing they do not want to podcast in their classroom. This survey was very eye opening for me and it was interesting to see into the minds of the future teachers.

Here is a link for my results if you are interested in reading them.
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