Sunday, April 4, 2010

April 4th Assignment

Kaia and Mr. Chamberlain’s Class

If I was a parent, I would not have put pictures or sound bites of my child online for everyone to see. Reading Mr. Raisdana’s blog changed my mind a little bit and made me see his point of view. He was also a nervous parent after seeing how many people saw his daughter’s post and the fact that these people were in a different country and time zone. He saw the educational power of the response though and the good effects definitely outweigh the bad effects. This also helps me to realize that I am not the only overprotective person and I will have to show parents in my classroom the benefits of online learning. Kids should not suffer because of parents being too scared of new experiences. Parents and teachers should keep the children's information safe and still let the students experience online learning. This blog would be a great reference point for parents to know what is going on in early childhood online learning.

I watched Kaia’s photo essay and the video that Mr. Chamberlain’s class made for her. I thought it was great that Kaia could hear her comments instead of looking at a blob of words that she did not even recognize. I really liked the digital book version of the video since the sound came on every time the page turned. The class did a great job expressing their thoughts through comments and the video and it is awesome that they were able to make that connection from Missouri to Doha, Qatar. This is the thing I want to happen in my classroom. I want my students to experience other people and places through the internet and gain that learning experience. These videos and blogs were awesome to read and see and I will be using these as examples of a great web learning experience.


  1. I wondered about how Mr. Raisdana could openly put his child out on the world stage for everyone to see, as well. It was reassuring to me after reading his blog that, yes, he did have reservations. I admire him for it, but I think I am too overprotective. I still wonder if the good effects outweigh the bad effects. Kudos to Mr. Chamberlain and his students for making the connection with Kaia and her family. Who would have thought that technology would allow children on different continents to connect so easily and quickly?

  2. Michelle: You admit you are "overprotective." Have you done the Scott McLeod assignment yet? I am eager to see your responses to his arguments about internet safety. What are the "bad effects"? List them for me. I have shown you some of the "good effects." Then make a comparison. And report what you find. We should, all of us including me, make decisions using data where possible!